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Rachio Smart Controller

The RACHIO Smart Controller

The RACHIO Smart Controller
Control your system anywhere, anytime from your computer, smartphone, or tablet with a simple easy to use app that is available for almost any device!
Customize your system zone by zone if you wish to make sure you are getting the water you want when you want for individual plantings and soil types!
Stop Guessing and Start Saving
  • Save up to 50% over current water usage Control from anywhere at anytime
  • Simple to use application Controller receives local weather data
  • Allows zone specific soil and plant settings Easy to use cycle and soak application
  • Receive alerts right on your smartphone Review reports about your systems operation
This system constantly receives weather data specific to your location and can adjust your system for you based on real time weather conditions. The RACHIO truly is the intelligent way to a lush, beautiful landscape.

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